We understand that for many, visualizing your dream home when purchasing a block of land can be challenging. So to help you picture your perfect home, we are excited to be able to provide you with a stunning selection of new home build designs, perfectly suited to the wide variety of lot sizes available at Akora, Box Hill, courtesy of our good friends at Rawson Homes.

Whilst one of the many benefits of purchasing a block of land at Akora, Box Hill is that we have no pre-existing agreements with any particular homebuilder, we love the variety of designs Rawson Homes offer, particularly for lot sizes with a frontage of less than 12.5m. What’s more, Rawson Homes are offering all Akora purchasers fixed price contracts i.e. the quoted price for building your agreed home will not fluctuate over time.

Please click here for an indication of the corresponding pricing for the home build component only.


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